Erusal Classic

Erusal is an epistolary story told through the medium of video games.

You awaken at the top of a village built on switchbacks in the mountains. Get to the valley floor to escape! Blitz it if that's your style, or explore the abandoned structures and piece together diary entries in order to understand the dreadful secrets of the town of Erusal.

Erusal only supports keyboard/mouse input:

  • WASD to move, mouse to look around
  • Space to jump
  • 'E' to pick up notes
  • 'F' to toggle the flashlight
  • 'Esc' to open the pause menu. From this menu you can edit game settings and view journal entries.

PFLG port this game for Linux from OS X version.

Archive: For Linux x86 and x86_64
Developer: Jack Pritz

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