Anxiety Dilogy

Anxiety and Anxiety: Lost Night

Anxiety is an atmospheric horror game with 2D graphics in which the player playing as Gregory.
When exploring Greg's home, the player must find 6 things to get the "CLUES" which will help you piece together what has happened to cause your anguish.
It is recommended to use Headphone/Earphone for better experience
The game is not appropriate for weak hearted.

Anxiety : Lost Night is a 2D puzzle horror game, which player are trapped in a car in middle of nowhere. Solve the mystery beneath the character's anxiety and what cause it to occurred.
Gameplay :

  • Mouse as control, left click to interact.
  • Explore the car for clues, You might experience different endings
  • Find your way to start the car!

PFLG port this game for Linux from OS X version.

Archive: For Linux x86 and x86_64
Developer: Circus Horse

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